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Termometr elektroniczny z Kompasem i Wskaźnikiem ładowania akumulatora - Uniwersalny, zasilanie 12 lub 24V - Stałe podświetlenie wyświetlacza - Orange (M-86351)
Termometr elektroniczny z Kompasem i Wskaźnikiem ładowania akumulatora - Uniwersalny, Stałe podświetlenie wyświetlacza zasilanie z gniazda zapalniczki samochodowej 12 lub 24V - Orange (M-86351)Termometr samochodowy – Uniwersalny – z jednoczesnym wskazaniem temperatury wewnętrznej i zewnętrznej – sonda zewnętrzna na 3 metrowym przewodzie (In-Out) – stałe podświetlenie wyświetlacza – ORANGE - z gniazda zapalniczki samochodowej 12 lub 24V. (Lampa-86351) Termometr posiada wbudowany kompas elektroniczny i cyfrowy (digital) wskaźnik ładowania akumulatora, Stałe podświetlenie wyświetlacza cyfrowego – ORANGE – 12 lub 24V Termometr działa niezależnie od zasilania 12 lub 24V – wewnętrzne baterie dyskowe typu CR 3022 Przesyłka – Paczka 1kg Termometr posiada funkcję ostrzegania przed oblodzeniem nawierzchni drogi – sygnalizacja temperatury - punktu zero 0°C Digital compass, voltmeter, in/out thermometer, freeze alert 5 in 1, Multipurpose digital compass - 12/24V Digital compass, voltmeter, in/out (3m) thermometer, freeze alert Description: Digital compass, voltmeter, in/out thermometer, freeze alert 0°C       BACK-LIT ELECTRONIC COMPASS This digital compass uses sophisticated electronics to compensate for the complex, magnetic environment of the interior of a car. In addition to the magnetic influence of the iron and steel of the engine, bodywork and components, there are numerous magnets used in electric motors, speakers, etc. A further complication arises from the magnetic fields produced when electric currents flow through any of the wiring in the vehicle. Consequently, it is essential that the calibration sequence is conducted with care, to ensure that the compass provides accurate readings. If the compass is ever moved after the calibration, including tilting the display, the calibration sequence must be repeated. If the compass ever produces erratic or inaccurate readings, it must be re-calibrated. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1 THERMOMETERS 1.1 IN/OUT TEMPERATURE It shows the In/Out temperature at the same time. 1.2 FREEZE ALERT To activate FREEZE ALERT: slide to “LED ALERT” to alert you by both beep alarm and flashing LED’s when the road is slippery due to Black Ice effect. An “ALERT” sign will appear besides the temp. readout on the display. Slide to “LED” to alert you only by flashing LED’s when the road is slippery due to the Black Ice effect. An “ALERT” sign will appear besides the temp. readout on the display. To turn off FREEZE ALERT: slide to ALERT OFF TEMPERATURE LED FREEZE ALERT ROAD CONDITIONS +1°C +3°C -1°C +1°C Dangerous Very Dangerous Freeze Alert: Intermittent Flashing LED Lights and/or Beep Alarm per minute. 2 VOLTAGE METER 2.1 Digital Readout It will show the actual voltage of your car battery. 2.2 LED Indicators This easy-to read indicators help you to understand the car battery condition at Glance BATTERY METER The LED indicators tell you the car battery condition as follows: SIGN LED No sign LOW (Red) MED (Yellow) HIGH (Green) 11.0V DIGITAL READOUT INDICATION POOR 12.5V NORMAL 16.0V FULL LED on LED off 12V 24V 23.0V 25.0V 27.0V CONDITION Examine storage battery charging and electric system Normal Charging of battery is full 3 FOR OUTSIDE SENSOR Choose a convenient position which will remain clean and unaffected by engine heat. Do not place under wheel arch or in engine compartment. An idea position is behind the front bumper, not directly in the wind stream. INSERT THE CIGARETTE PLUG TO THE CAR SOCKET AND PULL THE PLASTIC TAB OUT OF THE BACKUP BATTERY COMPARTMENT TO ACTIVATE THE COMPASS. MOUNTING (Do not mount any accessory on, or near an airbag compartment) Select a convenient position on the dashboard. Keep away from any major magnetic influences (e.g. speakers). Ensure that the chosen position does not interfere with the driver’s view of the road. Clean the mounting surface, peel and apply the hook and loop tape on the base of the compass. Tilt the compass display for optimum visibility. CALIBRATION 1. Find a location where it will be safe to make a U-turn (an empty parking lot is ideal). Park the vehicle away from other vehicles, leaving the engine running. Switch on all electrical accessories that are normally used (heating fan, radio, etc.). 2. Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds ( cardinal points, numeric digits and the word “CAL” will flash) wait for 5 seconds to avoid initial, unstable condition then immediately begin driving the vehicle slowly in a circle. 3. Complete at least one full 360circle while the flashing “CAL” is displayed. After approximately 10 seconds the flashing “CAL” will disappear and the cardinal points and the numeric digits will stop flashing. The calibration of the compass is now completed. Check that the compass is providing readings that appear to be correct. USING THE COMPASS When switched on, the circuit of the compass continuously scans the magnetic field in the vehicle. This can causes the display to fluctuate even when the vehicle is stationary. The magnetic field produced by the use of any electrical equipment that was not in use during the calibration sequence (windshield wipers, rear window defroster, etc.) may cause temporary errors in the compass reading. BACKUP BATTERY When switched off, the display will turn off. The Backup Battery will store the last calibration data. Replace the Backup Battery when the low battery indicator turns on. LOW 24V IN OUT BATTERY METER HIGH MED LOW FREEZE ALERT BLACK ICE ALERT Led Indicators of car cottage Numeric Digits Cardinal Points Digital voltage readout Flashing LED’S to alert the Black Ice effect Compass Arrow IN/OUT temp. display ART. 8635.1 RESET Freeze alert, switch Reset Button °C °F BACK UP BATTERY CR 2032 CR 2032 Battery Door °C / °F Switch Note: This digital compass can be directly connected to the car electric system without using the cigarette lighter plug Outside temp. sensor Cigarette lighter plug Note: N = North, E = East, S = South, W = West
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Termometr samochodowy wewnętrzny, Uniwersalny z kompasem, Termometr Analogowy, Termometr wskazówkowy,  -20°C ÷ +70°C, Kule, Wolnostojący, Regulowany kąt pochylenia, Przyklejany, Czarny (V-ACDT003)
Termometr samochodowy Uniwersalny z kompasem, Termometr Analogowy (wskazówkowy) -20oC ÷+70oC, Kule, Wolnostojący, Regulowany kąt pochylenia, Przyklejany, Czarny (V-ACDT003)   Zakres wskazania temperatury -20oC ÷+70oC   Wymiary zestawu termometr i Kompas: - Podstawa - 7x2,5cm- przyklejana na taśmę dwustronnie klejącą - wysokość - 5,2cm; - Głębokość -2,8cm Regulowany kąt pochylenia termometru i kompasu Termometr i kompas zamocowane są na "nodze", która jest podklejona mocną taśmą dwustronną. Zarówno termometr jak i kompas maja regulowany kąt pochylenia (pozycji), co znacznie ułatwia odczytanie np. kierunku podróży na kompasie, czy wskazanie termometru Tarcza termometru obracana jest o 360O więc urządzenie może być zamontowane np. na bocznym słupku lub do góry nogami! Ekstra zabawka dla miłośników off road'u   termometr, thermometer, thermometer lock, thermometer and compact, termometr, pomiar temperatury, wskazanie temperatury
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